Attack of the Moon MutantsDysnomiaGalileo GalileiPlanet RubrumMycopiaTwin PeaksFrankie Goes to Outer SpaceVita et MorteNuminousGamma CanarisPlanet CochleaPlanet GlaciemSpace Station ZetaIndustriaAmanitaPhotonMermaid ScalesCoronaHorizonsPlanet LuxeVegaVectorBeelzebubMagmaFibonacciCentauriSea of TranquilityChromaticaEthereaQueen MabIbisStrataAstronomicaCityscapePlanet CerebrumPsychedelicaElysiumAndromedaQueen of the AnthropoceneEnvyGalateaPrimordialLepidopteraPhantasmagoriaCrimson and CobaltCalypsoFerrousNeptuneQuis Hic Locus? (What World Is This?)InterstellarOtro MundoPermianHydraIncendiumNova TerraHelianthusThe NavigatorShe Flies With Her Own WingsOrionRisaGalacticaLuna MothMedusa NebulaDream of the PleistoceneRodiniaHelixMarianasCopernicaPirate Radio GalaxyNew PuppyTropicaLuna ProximaElectraSpectraRattus ViridiDragonDendriticCapitalism (kinetic)VexationTreadmill of Production aka The Factory (kinetic)CONSUME (kinetic)Oil and Water Don't Mix aka The WhalePlight of the Humble Bee (Kinetic)The Sixth Mass Extinction of the AnthropoceneSOL aka The Beginning and the EndNo WasteThe EndOut of AlignmentHoneyComb HaloBackgammon ButterflyBee Charmer (SOLD)The State of The State (SOLD)Butterfly BackboneThe Adventures of KomaoState Street Honeycomb PianoBackgammon CephalopodKith And KinCormorant SkullTwo Be Or Not Two BeSplitting HaresThe Butterfly, The Beetle, And The BeeOsteoAll A Flutter (SOLD)
Reflections On A WaspUp, Up and AwayKelp Crab II (SOLD)Cicada On PorcelainFish On A Bike On PorcelainThere's a New Sheriff in TownThe Rodent & the Owl (SOLD)From the Fire #3 (SOLD)BlackbirdCicada LovePenny's Farthing (SOLD)"Pugettia producta" or "Kelp Crab" (SOLD)Once by the PacificThe Seeds We SowLittle LeviathanMetamorphosisFour on the FloorJesusita Fire (SOLD)Washed UpPollenFloraFauna- kineticSheep CrabSea FansStick 'Em Up!CoexistenceGiven Wings (SOLD)IndiaExoskeleton Envy (SOLD)Carpenter LoveNo Bones About ItBommyknocker (SOLD)CorazónFiddleheadsCarapace Three Wing (SOLD)NauticalMourning Dove Nest (NFS)Wheat Woman (SOLD)The World is Our AshtrayVena CavaSymbiosisIf You're Secure In Your SkinWunderkammerFrom the FireScissors (SOLD)El SolCurio Casket #1, extrernal view (SOLD)Curio Casket #1, internal viewCurio Casket #2, internal view (SOLD)SeagiftKutna HoraUrchinsThe Lotus - comissioned piece (SOLD)
Many Painting/Assemblage/Collage pieces are available for purchase, and I am happy to ship prints as well! Message me directly for ordering information at jamijoelle@jamijoelle.com